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Every business needs an effective strategy to establish brand goodwill, attract customers, and stay ahead of the competition. With the help of SEO techniques, you can achieve high search engine rankings and drive more traffic to your website.

Businesses can’t survive in this modern era for long if they don’t maintain their online presence. In this competitive environment, you need professional SEO services that can help you rank at the top of search results.

It’s because 75% of users don’t move past the first search result page, while 31.35% of desktop users limit their online search to the topmost result against the search query. Under such circumstances, it’s crucial for you to implement an effective SEO strategy to make your business a success.

SEO Audit

Do you have a professional website that represents your business? Our professional team can evaluate your website to determine where you stand in terms of search engine optimization.

SEO audit gives you a brief insight into the performance of your website. You can learn about your organic reach and determine whether or not your website follows Google guidelines. Let’s take a look at the prominent characteristics of our SEO audit process:

  • Checking permalink structure of URLs
  • Checking whether your website uses a secure network protocol
  • Checking if certain web pages are inaccessible for web crawlers
  • Checking robots.txt file
  • Checking whether Google has penalized your website
  • Analyzing site structure

Keyword Research

The search engine provides access to all the information available on digital platforms. When an internet user enters a search query, the search engine displays the most relevant results. If your website is optimized for search engine and is indexed by the web crawler, your business will enjoy better exposure.

It’s important to note that you can’t target every possible keyword that is relevant to your business. So, it’s best to go for the best performing keywords only.

Our efficient team can develop an SEO strategy as well as guide you on the most suitable keywords. Since 50% of search queries on Google are four words or longer, we can help you find short tail as well as long tail keywords that can work best for you.

Competitor Analysis

Successful business people keep an eye on the activities of their competitors in an ethical way and try to learn from their experiences. It doesn’t hurt to evaluate how your competitors are able to gain high search engine rankings and then take similar actions to rank higher against the most relevant keywords.

Through a comprehensive competitor analysis, you can also learn about the weaknesses of your competitors. For instance, if an SEO strategy of your competitors failed, you can determine why they failed to increase website visits and update your strategy accordingly. Or you can explore keywords that have potential but your competitors have yet not targeted them. You can then optimize your content for those keywords and boost sales.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO refers to the process of optimizing your entire web page for search engines. Back in the day, it was sufficient to stuff keywords in the content and meta details. But now, Google focuses more on the value of web pages and rewards those websites that are user-friendly.

Many marketers turn to paid advertising since they find it hectic to implement SEO best practices. Our professional team can take care of on-site SEO of your website so you can give time to more important tasks.

Our on-page SEO strategy focuses on the following aspects:

  • Website interface and usability
  • Meta tags
  • Meta description
  • Title tag
  • Page headings
  • Primary and secondary keywords
  • URL strings
  • Image optimization
  • Website speed and loading time
  • Outbound links

Off-Page SEO

Also referred to as off-site SEO, off-page SEO is crucial to gain more visibility. Aside from taking into account on-page SEO factors, we can also help you improve search engine rankings of your website through link building and other effective off-page SEO techniques.

· Link Building

Without link building, it won’t be easy for you to improve off-site SEO. You can build goodwill and enhance search engine rankings via inbound links. The more websites mention your business, the more it’ll positively impact your reputation.

But keep in mind that link building helps you only when your website is mentioned on credible sites. If you contact spam or blacklisted websites, Google will blacklist your own website and ruin your entire efforts.

· Guest Posting

Businesses often collaborate with each other to add value to their target audience. This is the reason why guest blogging has become a popular practice. You can write useful content for another blog and link content to your own website. This approach builds credibility.

· Social Media

When social media websites were launched, it was believed that the only purpose of these platforms is to assist people in making friends and make communication easier. It didn’t take long before marketers turned to this powerful digital media to promote their business and get in touch with their target audience.

The importance of social platforms for businesses can’t be ignored. A majority of people look for the social profiles of a business before making a purchase decision. It helps them collect the required information. While the links from social profiles are nofollow, they certainly support your SEO efforts.

Increased Reach

When it comes to business growth, every business invests in marketing campaigns to attract potential customers and retain the existing customer base. For this purpose, it’s extremely important to optimize your website for search engines.

Our efficient team can help you increase your reach. With improved search engine rankings, it’ll be easier for you to spread the word about your business and raise brand awareness. Aside from desktop users, you can also share your brand message with mobile users and encourage them to give your products or services a try.

Every business benefits from SEO efforts and reaps its benefits in the form of high search engine ranking, increased reach, and more sales and revenue. Get in touch with HireNOffer today and place your order via email or phone call.

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