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For every digital marketer, it’s a must to understand the dynamics of the online world so they can better manage and promote their brand. The better they understand their target audience, the easier they will find it to share the brand message and make their business a huge success.

In today’s busy world, no one wants to waste their time in giving your blog or website a second visit if they don’t find anything valuable when they pay you a visit for the very first time. Aside from adding text, don’t forget to add visual content since it’s relatively more captivating. This is the reason why around 80% of digital marketers add visual content to their marketing campaigns.

However, if you aren’t an expert on image editing tools, it won’t be easy for you to create content that captures the attention of your clients. This is where Hire N Offer comes into the picture. Our professional team is there to help you with your image editing needs.

Our image post production services also add value to professional photographers. We can enhance the quality of your captured images and edit them as per your requirements.

Clipping Path

If you have an online e-commerce store, you may want to add relevant images with every product to facilitate customers. However, when you capture the image of a physical object, the items present in the background are also captured that don’t look good. Feel free to contact us to get rid of the image background.

Clipping path refers to the process of omitting background from images so they focus only on the object of your interest. Our team is expert at clipping path function and we can efficiently and effectively address your particular needs.

This function is basically performed in Adobe Photoshop software with the help of Pen tool. It ensures that the clipping path stays in shape so that it doesn’t negatively affect the quality of the final image. We spend sufficient time on the tasks to make sure your product images stand out from the crowd.

Clipping Mask

Also known as image mask, this technique also helps in removing the background from images. It is quite similar to clipping path service, but the method of using it is slightly different. Clipping path involves clipping content in straight lines, whereas this function doesn’t rely on straight lines.

Clipping mask tool enables you to remove the background from more complex images by specifying the path. This process enhances the aesthetic appeal of the final image and gives you the product that appears perfectly natural.

Drop Shadow

Whether you’re a professional photographer and want to finalize your portfolio or an e-commerce store manager, you can definitely benefit from drop shadow feature. It’s a basic function of image editing and graphic designing tools that adds value like nothing else.

This function is commonly used by e-commerce store managers before they upload product images on the website. In order to add this visual effect to your images, we perform the following functions:

  • Choose a blending mode
  • Adjust the opacity
  • Specify distance of the drop shadow in terms of X and Y offsets respectively
  • Blur the shadow
  • Define shadow color
  • Select the percentage of black for the shadow

Image Retouching

You ought to arrange quality gear to capture the best images. However, despite putting in your best efforts, your image can be ruined due to lighting problems. However, even if you can’t capture the best images, you can enhance their quality through post-production image retouching.

Our efficient team focuses on removing dust and scratches from the images. We can eliminate distractions from the image background and enhance your portraits to give you a naturally flawless look that everyone will love.

Image Manipulation

Whether you’re a professional photographer or graphic designer, you may feel the need to edit images before you send them to a client or upload them on your website. Instead of trying to edit them on your own and ending up ruining your entire efforts, you can leave the task to our experienced team.

We have years of experience in manipulating and editing digital images. Whether you want technical retouching or creative retouching, we can perform the task efficiently and will make your pictures more appealing.

Image Restoration

You may have pictures in hard copy from your own childhood or have a family album in which the attached photos are damaged. Regardless of whether the image is torn, ripped or damaged with mold and water, we can restore your heirloom photos before you know it.

Through the image restoration process, we can also repair digital images. If the image has lost its quality and is degraded due to noise, then it’s possible to make it as good as new with the help of different tools and filters.

Why Choose Us?

Here’s why you should prefer our services over other similar businesses:

·Quality Solutions

Digital images should be handled with extreme care or else your brand reputation may be at stake. We value our clients and deliver quality content. We can manipulate and enhance your images so that you can impress your clients with minimal efforts.

·Reasonable Rates

It’s a prevalent myth that you can’t afford to hire experienced professionals since their charges are too high. Not only do we offer quality services, but our rates are also market competitive. So, you can hire our team without breaking the bank.

·Timely Results

We know that time is money and respect deadlines. Once you have placed your order with us, you can expect to receive the final product in a timely manner.

·Easy Communication

Our clients trust our services and we try our best to meet their expectations. We listen to the requirements of our clients and clarify their concerns before proceeding with image editing tasks to ensure client satisfaction.

We are a reliable name in the market and offer top-quality services at competitive rates. If you’re looking for image editing or manipulation services, then HireNOffer is here at your service!

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