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The internet open doors to knowledge and makes it easier for people to collect information about their area of interest. Business people can make the most of this opportunity to attract their target audience by sharing valuable content and raising awareness about their brand.

However, it’s not sufficient to build your website and set up social profiles. Around 48.2% of global traffic accesses the internet via smartphones. If you have yet not introduced a mobile app to facilitate your clients and reach this wide audience, then it’s about time you should update your marketing strategy.

Mobile apps don’t work only for big businesses but small and midsized businesses can also use them to stay ahead of the competition. You can either opt for native apps or acquire professional services to develop cross-platform apps that add value to your client base.

· Native Mobile Applications

Native mobile apps are traditional applications that work on particular operating systems such as iOS and Android. These apps are quite popular in the business community since they perform well in the market due to the impeccable user experience.

Native apps are fast since they are developed for specific platforms with the help of modern tools. It doesn’t take long to load content and users can perform the desired tasks without unnecessary delays. For instance, if you have launched a native mobile app for your restaurant, your audience can easily place orders via their smartphones.

It’s crucial for businesses to ensure the security of customer information and prevent unauthorized access. So, it’s important you should take effective actions to ensure data security. With native apps, you need not worry about data theft, since these apps are relatively secure and help you build a reputation.

When it comes to native apps, many developers find it easier to add a myriad of functionalities. They can utilize the capabilities of the device and develop a rich mobile application.

Many businesses also claim that it’s easier to update native apps on a frequent basis. They can add unique features for their customers and enhance the overall user experience. When a new version of the operating system is launched, the development team can promptly update the app to ensure it’s compatible with the latest OS and offers a seamless user experience to valuable customers.

Native Apps: Benefits

Here’s why native Android apps are the top choice of many businesses:

  • They involve lesser threats of data theft
  • They are easier to update
  • They are faster

· Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps are modern forms of mobile apps that have made their place in the market in a short time. These cross-platform applications aren’t designed for a specific operating system and can run on any device with the help of WebView. While the backend script is different from native apps, these apps provide similar user experience to your clients.

If you want to launch a mobile app for your existing as well as prospective customers, you should keep in mind that your audience may own different mobile devices. So, instead of developing separate native apps for each platform, why not give hybrid apps a try?

It doesn’t take long to develop a hybrid app that perfectly meets your needs as long as you hire a reputable company for this purpose. It’s also convenient for the development team to develop hybrid apps, since they need not write separate codes for apps that run on different platforms.

Hybrid mobile apps are usually based on any of the following frameworks:

  1. Ionic
  2. PhoneGap
  3. Xamarin
  4. Appcelerator Titanium
  5. Onsen UI
  6. Mobile Angular UI
  7. Kendo UI
  8. Sencha Touch
  9. React Native
  10. Quasar

Hybrid Apps: Benefits

Let’s take a look at the prominent reasons why hybrid apps have become popular:

  • They are cost-effective since source code is reusable
  • The development of hybrid apps requires lesser expertise
  • They work best for business solutions

· Web Apps

Web apps are the future of mobile apps. Knowing that it’s not convenient for their audience to visit the business website via smartphones, many businesses opt for web apps to keep their customers satisfied. These apps help you maintain your mobile presence without causing discomfort to your target audience.

In order to access the mobile website of a business, interested customers need to install a web browser on their smartphone first and then enter the URL of the responsive website to access it. Web apps, on the other hand, save them from hassles.

Your clients can download and install the web app on their smartphone. The web app will work in the same manner as a website and will use the internet to fetch information. It may also download the content so that the required information is visible even if the internet is disconnected.

An added benefit of web apps is their longer lifespan. If your target audience doesn’t find your mobile app useful, they will delete it and also discourage their social circle to try out your services. But there’s no such problem with web apps since users can return to them time and again.

Web Apps: Benefits

The major benefits of web applications are as follows:

  • These web-based apps work 24/7
  • It’s easier to enhance their security
  • You can add new features without hassles

If you’ve yet not made your mind about acquiring mobile app development services, then you should take a look at the following major benefits of mobile apps for business:

  • Increase your reach by adding value to your clientele
  • Target the younger audience that uses smartphones on a regular basis
  • Keep your target audience engaged
  • Enable the audience to engage with your brand on a one-on-one basis
  • Promote brand loyalty through customer loyalty programs
  • Raise brand awareness and ensure brand recognition
  • Reduce marketing expenses
  • Get a higher ROI without investing a huge sum
  • Build your brand and beat the competition

Our mobile app development team is comprised of experienced professionals who are expert in developing native as well as cross-platform applications. Feel free to get in touch with Hire N Offer for your business needs. If you’re unsure which mobile app will work best for you, then we can guide you in the right direction and develop a solution that perfectly meets your needs.

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